Breeflee Platform – EN

Documentation platform

Discover our browser-based documentation software

Organ-specific digital record

Breeflee creates multidisciplinary digital platforms where all data about a patient’s health history is stored in one place.

Structured and standardised data

Thanks to our documentation system based on standardised forms (synoptic reporting), developed according to current guidelines and adapted to your needs, documentation is faster, data is standardised and structured and can be immediately reused for any other purpose.

Automated documentation

Our platforms provide you with an automated report, saving you a lot of time on documentation.

Patient portal

If desired, Breeflee can provide patient-side access for pre- and post-operative care, allowing the patient to fill in the relevant forms from the comfort of their own home or waiting room.


Our platforms offer an API-interface that ensures maximum interoperability and maximises automation (HL7, FHIR, SNOMED…).

GDPR and GCP compliant

Our platforms are GDPR compliant and comply with Good Clinical Practice. The data remains completely in your hands and is not uploaded to a cloud. In addition, the programme also serves as a GCP-compliant study database.